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Around The World In 80 Raves: DNCFLR, San José

"Drink cacique, 'pegue hueco' (become embarrassing), drunk text, save some dignity, repeat."

by Lina Abascal
Nov 20 2013, 9:20pm

Around The World in 80 Raves takes you into the basements, warehouses, and back rooms where the magic happens—from Caracas to Calgary and back. Photos courtesy of DNCFLR.


LOCATION: San José, Costa Rica

VENUE: A bi-level bar and art gallery called El Steinvorth, and various other rotating venues.

RESIDENTSBullonWhoreHeatOh, SputnkVladimir

RECENT HEADLINERS: Harvard Bass, rekLES, Midnight Conspiracy, The Chaotic Good, Lacey YoungBlood

WHEN IT HAPPENS: Every first Thursday and third Friday or Saturday of the month.

VIBE: "Una fiesta para bailar, no un evento para figurar" ("A party to dance, not an event to show off at")

WHAT'S THE DEAL THO: The DNCFLR Costa Rica family is as warm as the beaches of San Jose, inviting locals and travellers alike to vibe on bangers from Costa Rican residents and international headliners. Keeping the regional liquor Cacique Guaro flowing, DNCFLR draws hundreds of partiers a night, going way above capacity, most memorably, at a party thrown at an underground hostel a few years ago. 

Resident DJ and beer-slugging champion WhoreHeatOh promises the residents aren't focused on money, but on creating an anything-goes environment fusing electronic music with carefree Central American party culture. Drawing a crowd doesn't seem to be a problem, considering that their first ever show sold out, leaving over 100 kids dancing outside in line. To encourage community involvement, designers and artists have control over the party's fliers, with total liberty to craft them into artworks of their own.

DNCFLR resident Sputnk is known to provide plenty of Latin hospitality to the headliners, who often extend their bookings into vacations and ask to play again. New York-based house DJ Lacey Youngblood remembers being greeted with rounds of Chili Guaro shots, and even being taken to a BYOB hot springs with the residents during her stay. The rotating venue and photo booth almost make DNCFLR reminiscent of a Brooklyn party gone tropical. 

WhoreHeatOh breaks down your typical night at DNCFLR as "walk in, get a beer, listen to great music, start dancing, get more beer, back to dancing, go to the photo booth with friends, drink cacique, "pegue hueco" (become embarrassing), drunk text, save some dignity, repeat." We can definitely get on board with that schedule, so down some cacique and buena suerte! You're gonna need it.

UNFORGETTABLE MOMENT: "Midnight Conspiracy almost fell out of the club's window when they were lifted too far while crowd surfing!" 

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