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David Attenborough's 'Pokémon Go' Narration Is So Soothing

Zubat, with its "fluttering zig zag flight," is not an easy target.

by Madison Margolin
Jul 26 2016, 9:00am

Attenborough. Photo: Katexic Clippings/Flickr

Pokémon Go just got more distinguished. In this video by travel site Lovin Dublin, British broadcaster and naturalist Sir David Attenborough graces the interactive mobile game with his composed and intelligent narration.

Okay, Attenborough isn't actually narrating Pokémon Go in real life. Instead, someone at Lovin Dublin edited clips of his voice over the game play. The result: slow, National Geographic-style narration atop images of Charmander, Zubat, and friends.

"Bats, with their fluttering zig zag flight, are not easy targets," Attenborough says of Zubat, a poisonous bat-like Pokémon.

The video is both funny and comforting. It combines both the throwback Pokémon images with Attenborough's familiar voice—a staple for those who watched his "Life" series, which aired from the 70s to the early naughts.

His Pokémon narration feels as if we're listening to him narrate animals in nature, only now it's all animated. The effect is both delightful and enticing, making the game play feel like a hunt through the wild of whatever city you're playing in.

If only Attenborough narrated every Pokémon Go game play, maybe a whole new demographic of fans would be compelled to play.

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