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You Might Soon Be Paying Comcast $35 a Month for Unlimited Data

Comcast is rolling out data caps in several more markets.

by Rachel Pick
Nov 4 2015, 6:09pm

Image: Mike Mozart/Flickr

Despite receiving strong backlash, Comcast is continuing to roll out data caps in several US markets, according to DSLReports. Areas in Louisiana, Tennessee, Arkansas and Virginia will soon be affected by the limit, which is 300GB a month and begins December 1.

To put that into perspective, one hour of streaming HD video uses 3GB, so if you're a frequent Netflix binger you may want to start paring down your habit.

If you go over 300GB, Comcast will give you blocks of 50GB for an additional $10 each, or you can opt for an unlimited data plan for an extra $35 a month— an unwanted extra expense for the average American household.

Comcast broke this news in a message sent to users, which tries to smooth things over by saying that the average household uses only 40GB a month, which may be news to data-hungry cord-cutters.

Despite the flak Comcast will continue to get for implementing data caps, it seems like an inevitability as cable companies seek to profit off our increasing bandwidth dependency. Brace yourselves.