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Watch Gucci Mane's Candid ESPN Interview

He joined Dan Le Batard and Bomani Jones on 'Highly Questionable' to talk everything from prison to addiction.

by Alex Robert Ross
Jan 8 2017, 6:39pm

For the uninitiated, Highly Questionable is one of the only good talk shows on sports TV, a loosely arranged hour of Miami Herald writer Dan Le Batard making jokes with his dad, sitting next to fellow ESPN contributor Bomani Jones. That's not to say it's all absurd wisecracks, though; Jones and le Batard are better journalists than most of the shouty ESPN take-havers.

On Friday, Le Batard and Jones brought Gucci Mane on the show for a candid and revealing conversation about his darkest moments. Gucci talks about everything from his career's outset, starting out with a prolonged period of "violence and paranoia and drugs." He says he was concerned about killing others, fearing that somebody was going to hurt him, admitting that he had something close to PTSD after dealing with his troubles.

Jones and Le Batard drill down on Gucci's addictions and mental health issues, both of which he's been open about since leaving prison. Gucci describes the process of drying out and coming off lean as "the worst feeling in the world… it tears your body down, it tears your mind down. When you've been doing something for so long, it's kind of like food. It's like starving. It's undescribable."

Eventually, le Batard is blunt: "Are you surprised it didn't kill you?" he asks. Gucci immediately says "Yes."

The whole thing is worth watching below. Gucci is thoughtful and eloquent and his redemption has been nothing short of inspiring.

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