Look at These Photos of Shirtless Irish Farmers Snuggling Baby Animals

This week marks the publication of "Irish Farmers," an eloquently titled book of photos by Ciara Ryan that we have been looking forward to excerpting for about five months.

by Broadly Staff
Feb 29 2016, 9:55pm

Gerard, Andrew, and Conor like to pal around in wellies and lift small tires. (That's "tyres" to you.)

Terry believes the worst stereotype about farmers is "farmer's tan."

Besides cuddling in bed, Stephen likes to take dates out "Latin dancing."

Can't find any ducklings? Stick Aodhgan in there!

Barry: "I feel that Irish farmers have been misrepresented."

Enjoying a lively afternoon of male bonding on a tractor, Stephen, Jason, Gareth, George, Kieran, and Andrew are all of us.

For more wholesome shirtless lads, buy Ciara Ryan's

Irish Farmers here.