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Nike Is Releasing a Chicken-and-Waffles-Themed Shoe

We always like our skateboard gear to match our meals. Don’t you?

by Alex Swerdloff
Mar 30 2016, 2:00pm

Nike's skateboarding line of sneakers, Nike SB, has announced a new shoe. Previous Nike SB shoes have been styled in honor of professional skateboarders like Stefan Janoski or Grant Taylor.

Makes sense—right?

But sometimes inspiration comes from strange places. That's the only way we can possibly explain the very odd but maybe brilliant creation that is the new Nike SB Dunk High "Chicken and Waffles" shoe.

You heard us.

This is a shoe designed to memorialize everyone's favorite soul food/Pennsylvania Dutch favorite: chicken and waffles.

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The shoe itself has a waffle-textured upper. The Nike swoosh features a dripping brown design, as if the logo had just been dipped in a bath of maple syrup. The color of the shoe is a nice toasty waffle color.

Photo via Sneaker News.

Photo via Sneaker News.

What do chicken and waffles have to do with skateboarding? Nothing, as far as we can tell. But previous models of the Nike SB Dunk High have featured lobsters and the number 13, so apparently the designers are just allowed to free associate. In any event, fans of the actual food—who also happen to like skateboarding—can make it an ensemble with the Real Justin Brock Chicken N Waffles R1 8.0" Skateboard Deck.

We always like our skateboard gear to match our meals. Don't you?

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