This Weed-Infused Baked Eggplant Will Get You... Baked

Eggplant is the bomb. It's lovely on its own, but is also the perfect vehicle for tomato sauce and cheese. And weed. Our good old friend weed.

Apr 18 2017, 10:00pm

You know what's underrated? Eggplant.

It's smoky and savory and delicious and tender. But you rarely hear people like, "HELL YEAH, EGGPLANT FOR DINNER TONIGHT!"

They should be, though. Eggplant is the bomb—lovely on its own, but also the perfect vehicle for tomato sauce and cheese. And THC.

When we took a Colorado ganja tour on Bong Appetit, we got this fabulous baked eggplant recipe from Jessica Catalano, author of Ganja Kitchen Revolution. You could call it twice-baked; it only cooks in the oven once, but four grams of Summit Star Flower will get you pretty toasted after consumption, too.

RECIPE: Baked Italian Eggplant

See? Eggplant is our friend. Our bestest friend in the whole world. Mmm, mozzarella is, too.

And as always, bong appétit.