We Drank Holiday Martinis with Anthony Bourdain and Talked About 2016

Anthony Bourdain takes time out of his insane travel schedule to meet us in New York's legendary Bemelmans Bar for a piano-side holiday chat. We down enough gin to get heart-to-heart and talk about everything that matters in 2016 and beyond.

by Helen Hollyman
Dec 23 2016, 5:00pm

2016's been a real pisser.

Luckily, we found Anthony Bourdain to relieve us all from psychological despair, if only for an afternoon. On the latest MUNCHIES: The Podcast, we sip on a few dry martinis at Bemelmans Bar to discuss Appetites, Bourdain's first cookbook in more than ten years. But with it being the holidays and all, we get around to discussing the future, fears (rats, clowns, and mimes included), hope, Fugazi, and how to deal with what's to come.

So tune into the podcast, subscribe on iTunes if you can dig it, and tell your friends to do the same. Thanks so much for an incredible season. We'll catch you in the New Year. Until then, go pour yourself a stiff drink.