Photo by Brayden Olson

Make These Sugared Doughnut Holes and Live the Fat Kid Dream

Real talk: doughnuts are surprisingly easy to make. No deep-fat frier required.

Sep 20 2016, 2:00pm

Photo by Brayden Olson

The doughnut is many things to many people. For the Danes, it's an ideal accompaniment to braised hare. For overworked New Orleans cops, a chocolate-smothered coffee-break essential. For New Jersey schoolkids, a delicious vehicle in which to smuggle anti-anxiety medication.

One thing the sugary dessert is not usually considered, however, is easy to make. All that hot oil and special icing sugar sounds dangerously beyond the remit of the average home baker. And who, aside from aspiring Bake Off contestants, actually owns a deep fat frier?

RECIPE: Sugared Doughnut Holes

Real talk: you've been living a lie, doughnuts are actually really easy to make. No deep fat frier required.

Sure, these sugared holes will need a quick fry in canola oil (would they be as deliciously artery-clogging without?) and you'll have to get creative with the powdered sugar, but there's no tricky jam-injecting or fancy icing needed.

Relax, you got this. Even without the anxiety meds.