René Redzepi Says Even Noma Is Full of Pokémon Go Players

René Redzepi—chef and co-owner of Denmark's noma—recently revealed in a tweet that Pokémon mania has even struck his world-renowned bastion of Nordic food.

Jul 15 2016, 4:06pm

Getting a reservation at Copenhagen's noma is hard. Really, really hard. Like, impossible.

As soon as the restaurant (widely considered one of the world's best, if not the best) releases future seats, 20,000 people around the globe frantically scramble to book them, with months of reservations selling out in literally nanoseconds. Think of it as trying to get tickets to see Kanye play a small venue in the middle of New York City. The odds are most definitely not in your favor.

But what about once you get to the Danish bastion of all food Nordic? What will you wear? Where will you sit? What will you eat? And most importantly, how many Pokémon will you catch while fiddling around on your cell phone in the middle of the dining room?

Yes, even this world-renowned restaurant is apparently falling victim to the human zombification that has been a side effect of needing to "catch 'em all." At least, according to chef/co-owner René Redzepi.

Yesterday, Redzepi shared on Twitter that his restaurant was now full of international foodies not trembling with excitement over his chocolate-covered, locally foraged moss or charred ramson with scallop paste, but over the prospect of catching Jigglypuffs, Squirtles, and other digital goobledy goblins in Pokémon GO—which, by the way, hasn't even been formally released in Denmark yet.

Would-be noma diners and fellow chefs are pissed, understandably.

But like most nice things, maybe the diners forgot their good fortune and immediately began taking their world-class meal for granted once it was attained. Who needs to focus on the immaculate cuisine of Scandinavia when there are Ponytas on the loose, man?!

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We've heard the same thing happens when you catch a Mewtwo. After all, a Pokémon in hand is worth two in the bush.