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SLANG's Latest Track is a Nostalgic Ode to Weed-Reek Afternoons

On one hand "What Happened to You" is nostalgic, on the other it looks forward.

by Noisey Staff
Apr 20 2017, 3:00pm

Pause, for a second. Here are the facts: SLANG, the man pictured above, has previously worked with the likes of Wiley, Charli XCX, and Marina and the Diamonds under the moniker Dan Dare. Now doing his thing under the capitalized SLANG name, one of his early tracks ("YAY") reached the coveted upper regions of the Spotify Viral Chart. Today he releases "What Happened to You".

Thematically it's about SLANG running into an ex-girlfriend. But also fuck that: today is 4/20 and the song references weed so, umm, I guess listen to this and go out and get stoned or something. The track is a musical evocation of some nostalgic afternoon spent red-eyed in a park. Listen to it above and try to do so somewhere outside under the sun.

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