A Massachusetts Newspaper Is Getting a Daily Dose of Typography

A typeface a day keeps the boredom away.

by Annie Armstrong
Jul 23 2015, 1:15pm

Images courtesy of the Fitchburg Art Museum

For a small town in Massachusetts, the daily news is looking a little graphic. Commissioned by the Fitchburg Art Museum, artist Anna Schuleit Haber is taking typography to the forefront of the city’s minds via the front page of Fitchburg’s daily newspaper. For 26 days, Fitchburg, Massachusetts' Sentinel & Enterprise will put a letter of the alphabet on their front page from a collection of 26 different graphic designers’ typefaces. These artists are both local and non-local. Schuleit Haber then works with local writers to deliver news on the front page that revolves around its corresponding letter, creating an ongoing collaboration that aims to “be a creative ‘take over’ of the normal scope of news,” according Schuleit Haber. “We want to invite readers to pause and reflect, to engage, and to immerse themselves in this limited edition of art, design, and news-making on the front pages of the newspaper," she tells the Fitchburg Art Museum. "Each of the 26 days will be a surprise.”

Each letter is completely unique, and so each cover has its own respective graphic design. The project is currently in it’s 10th day (happy “J” day!), and will be completed on August 11. Take a closer look at some samples of the work below:

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Via Hyperallergic


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