Graffiti GIFs Get an Online Gallery

'Encrypted Fills' is a digital street art and graffiti-focused online exhibition space.

by Emerson Rosenthal
Jan 15 2017, 5:15am

CaNz by Ryan Seslow, a.k.a., Slow. Images via

This article was originally published on December 1, 2014 but we think it still rocks!

GIF-iti is a different kind of creature: equal parts street and GIF art, it represents an important shift in digital arts culture, one in which the artwork itself breaks free of its restrictions both against a wall and on a computer screen. Artist Ryan Seslow and Vandalog editor-in-chief RJ Rushmore launched Encrypted Fills, a digital gallery space and archive to showcase the intersection of digital art and street art. For their inaugural exhibition, they have curated a broad range of works by GIF-iti pioneer, INSA, as well as Broken Fingaz, Rone, Peter Drew, John Fekner, Olek, Swampy, and more.

Rushmore and Seslow noticed the growing tide of experimentation with digital mediums by street artists. "Sometimes the aesthetics of the work are nearly indistinguishable from static street pieces, and other times these digital works are hardly recognizable as related to street art or graffiti, but we believe that these new works come from the same place," says Rushmore. "Artists who have been getting up outdoors are now reaching out to a similar digital public, and it's opened the door for those artists to reach beyond static images." Seslow adds that their goal is to promote the unique genre of grafitti combined with digital art as a distinct from other art forms, and to preserve the creations for future reference.

Below, some original GIF artworks from Encrypted Fills:

Online Love by INSA.

Time Passes by INSA

GI Joe GIF 12  by General Howe. From the Animated Disasters of War series.

Still fom Encrypted Fills GIF by Ryan Seslow aka SLOW.

Pixel Face Blocks by Peter Drew

Ms. Craig's Ghost by Abe Lincoln Jr. 

Technophemera #2,  A Collaboration GIF by Leon Reid IV & Ryan Seslow aka SLOW

Girl with Skull by Enzo Sarto


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