This Kaleidoscopic Animation Takes on the Story of Adam and Eve

Falling from grace never looked so good.

by Gabrielle Bruney
Jan 3 2016, 12:10pm

Screecaps via

The Old Testament isn’t generally a whole lot of fun, what with the fire and brimstone and the ladies turning into pillars of salt. What few good times there are to be had take place in the Garden of Eden, but they’re cut abruptly short all because of a sneaky snake and one dumb apple.

But Korean illustrator and motion graphics designer Shinyoung Kim wrings surprising joy from this grim tale in his short animated film, Eden. Backed by a bumping soundtrack courtesy of producer Basenji, the film ditches the shame of nudity and pain of childbirth stuff in favor of focusing on what the tale of Adam and Eve is at its core: a love story.

For more information on Shinyoung Kim's work, click here.


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