Insta's Sickest Blood Moon Photos from Around the World

These photographers did the super-blood-moon-lunar-eclipse right.

Sep 28 2015, 2:45pm

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Last night was cool because the super rare super-blood-moon-lunar-eclipse celestial extravanganza, which won't happen again for another decade and a half, extracted my whole neighborhood from their normal lazy Sundays. People I live directly next to, but have never met, were milling about, staring up at the moon like it was Game of Thrones—none of us could look away. Of course, everybody whipped out their smartphones to clog my Instagram feed with their "unique perspective" on the event, but most of their pictures didn't turn out great because it takes serious lens power to make the thing look like more than a tiny red dot. 

Luckily, we sorted through our moon-clogged Instagram feeds for the good stuff so you don't have to. Whether you missed the event last night, or want to check the view from places like Israel, Dallas, Seattle, or Sweden, here are a few photographers who did the blood moon right.


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