Gorgeous Op Art GIFs Make the Human Body Vibrate

Waveforms meet the female form in these mind-bending GIFs.
September 7, 2016, 12:50pm
Images courtesy the artist

Abstract at a glance, the black and white lines animated by Prague-based artist Adam Pizurny vibrate to form sultry portraits of the female form. Pizurny experimented with this aesthetic in a 2012 photo series using projectors on human subject, but this series, entitled Black and White, incorporates work with 3D human models which we've featured beforeBlack and White abandons the hyperrealism and hyper surrealism Pizurny and his peers have approached in their other work, opting instead for a sexts-meet-Unknown Pleasures' album cover vibe. "This project is experiment seeing how far we could simplify the human body while people still recognize it—or find attractive," Pizurny tells The Creators Project. "Its also tribute to the 60s Op art movement."

Check out Black and White below.

See more of Adam Pizurny's work on his website.


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