Street Artist Invader Hits the European Space Agency

The invasion touches down in space centers all over Europe.

by Sami Emory
Jun 4 2015, 1:00pm

RDU_02 in Redu, Belgium, images via

Ever since Invader’s 8-bit Space Invaders mosaic finagled its way into space aboard the ISS-bound Copula module, the elusive street artist’s work has begun to spring up in ESA outfits across the continent. As recorded by both the ESA and Invader’s own Instagram, the artist has spent the past four months tagging the walls of the ESA’s centre in Redu, Belgium—with works including a pixelated astronaut, clad in a stereotypical spacesuit á la 2001: A Space Odyssey—and installing a multi-paneled, planetary PAC-MAN outside of the ESA’s spacecraft operations centre in Darmstadt, Germany. This month, Invader finally returned home to France, infiltrating the ESA Paris headquarters and terminating his space agency takeover with a succession of blue-toned murals—many not yet finished—featuring his ever-present, ever-adorable invader bot.  

See the 8-bit evidence of the artist’s ESA invasion, below. 

PA_1141 at ESA headquarters in Paris, France

RDU_01 in Redu, Belgium

More work in Redu, Belgium

Pacman Solar System in Darmstadt, Germany

Ground Control in Darmstadt, Germany

Follow Invader's ongoing adventures through his Instagram and his website



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