Bite Into a Human Heart and a Juicy Steak in This Hyperrealistic Cake Art

These cakes are insanely beautiful.

by Diana Shi
Nov 6 2016, 12:35pm

All images courtesy the artist, @sideserfcakes

The likelihood that an artist can convince her audience to bite into a backside of a unicorn or human heart seems low. For Austin-based cake artist, Natalie Sideserf, along with her partner and husband Dave, the chances are quite positive. The artists make intensely accurate sculptural works out of cakes bases, frosting, and intricate color design. Fans of Sideserf’s stunning realistic cakes would rather oggle than devour her baking creations. 

The young baker started her education in the fine arts and eventually branched out into baking to include her passion for working in the kitchen and sweet treats. Her creations showcase a distinctive prowess in the sculptural arts, an astute understanding of proportion, and a very real love for cake.A startlingly exact replica to the Breaking Bad character, Mike Ehrmantraut garnered her an appearance in an AMC spot, while her most notable photo on her Instagram is her own wedding cake. The cake features two severed heads, one modeled after her husband’s and one modeled her own, bloody and glazy-eyed with the phrase “Til Death Do Us Part.” 

See a few of her studio’s cake works, below:

Find more from Natalie Sideserf on her studio’s, Sideserf Cake, website, here, and its instagram, here.

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