Tony Romo Set to Be Benched by Yet Another Dallas Team: The Mavericks

There is no higher honor for a recently-benched football player than to suit up as a benched basketball player.

by Liam Daniel Pierce
Apr 8 2017, 6:00pm

Romo, slowly taking off his Cowboys jersey. Photo by Kevin Jairaj—USA TODAY Sports

There is no higher honor for a recently-benched football player than to suit up as a basketball player, only to get benched. The Tony Romo goodbye tour since he was released by the Cowboys on Wednesday has seen some weird moments already. There were the outraged cries of 'too little, too soon' and then the CBS hire, which people complained was an edge out of Phil Simms. And now, apparently, Tony Romo is going to sit on the Dallas Mavericks' bench. And watch other people play basketball?

Yes, the Mavericks play in Dallas, and yes, that's where Romo spent 14 years with the Cowboys before the younger, fitter Dak Prescott was favored over him. But apparently, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has had his eye on this for a while. According to ESPN's Marc Stein, Cuban has hinted on replacing point guard Seth Curry with "a pass-first point guard" in the waning moments of the NBA season. Now we're all getting the joke.

Romo played basketball in high school in Wisconsin, and is a regular at Mavericks home games, so it kinda makes sense? The game will be the Mavericks' final regular-season home game against the Denver Nuggets, and will apparently "treat him like an actual player" for the day. Except they won't play him. Now Romo is being benched by yet another Dallas team. It's a weird world we're living in.

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