Beer-Tossing Blue Jays Fan Identified as Local Journalist Ken Pagan

Those who know him described him as a"responsible editor...and as an athlete who loves baseball and 'respects the rules of the game.'”

by Sean Newell
Oct 6 2016, 1:45pm

Thanks to one idiot in left field, there was a black eye on what was an otherwise tremendous night for Blue Jays fans and the city of Toronto following Edwin Encarnacion's eleventh-inning walk-off home run to cap a thrilling American League Wild Card game. This idiot hurled a partially full can of beer at Hyun-soo Kim, nearly hitting the Baltimore left fielder and created a whole to do during and after the game. Police were immediately on the hunt for the perpetrator and now it seems Toronto's beer-can throwing idiot has been identified. Turns out, on top of being a salty, drunk fan, he's also an "award-winning journalist and passionate baseball player and fan with an encyclopedic knowledge of the game," formerly of the Toronto Sun, among other outlets.

Toronto police circulated the picture above claiming he was the man responsible and asked for help finding him, while also suggesting that he turn himself in. Pat Alberga, a Toronto detective, said security footage in the stadium showed the entire incident and eventually, the beer-chucker was identified as Ken Pagan, a copyeditor for Postmedia Network, which owns the Sun. The Sun, incidentally, had offered a $1,000 reward to anyone who could identify him.

Pagan spoke with the Sun, but did not say much, on advice of counsel.

On Wednesday night, Pagan said he'd been advised by his lawyer, Frank Genesee, not to speak about the incident but did suggest the police may have it wrong.

"I was drinking out of a cup," Pagan told Postmedia, and suggested Twitter photos that show him after the can was tossed clearly indicate he had a cup in his hand. "I'd love to tell you what happened and my story ... but I can't say anything."

Pagan has already spoken with the police and his lawyer says he intends to fully cooperate with the investigation.