Fan Throws Ball to Pats During Parade, they Catch it, Sign it, and Throw it Back [GRONK UPDATES]

Fans also might have been throwing them baggies of weed. Doubtful they threw those back, though.

by Sean Newell
Feb 7 2017, 6:00pm

A living, breathing human being, somehow. © Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Here, courtesy of the YouTube account for the Toucher & Rich radio show, is a video of some revelry from the New England Patriots victory today in Boston. About 11 seconds in, a football comes flying into the screen and lands right in the middle of a float full of players. Judging by his hulking physique and goofy demeanor, it looks like Rob Gronkowski was the one who snagged it out of the air. He then passes it around for several of his teammates to sign.

It's hard to tell in the grainy footage, but according to Toucher and Rich the last man to sign it was Danny Amendola and then he throws it back to the fan. Gronk makes sure to point out where the fan is and, judging by the reaction of virtually everyone around, it looks like it was a completion to its intended target. That's a pretty cool way to get an autograph, much better than those old dudes who ambush players and run over kids to get one, anyway.

There's also this, which is pretty cool as well:

We'll keep our eyes open for more definitive proof, but don't worry—the NFL doesn't start testing for marijuana until, you guessed, April 20th.

Update 1:45 PM: More throws, more catches. This time Gronk stars again as he snares a beer with one hand, opens it with his mouth, pounds it, and spikes it.

Update 3:50 PM: Here is a picture of Robert Paxton Gronkowski, who earlier said he did not plan to party, but the fans asked for it, so he delivered.

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