Everyone's Really Acting Like an Adult in the New 'Jersey Shore' Trailer

They're all heading to Vegas, which is apparently a great place for babies and weddings.

by Alex Norcia
Aug 2 2018, 8:00pm

We've seen it all before: The plane takes off on the runway. Suitcases are packed and unpacked. Champagne bottles pop. The beat drops. Fists pump. Arguments ensue. This time, as it was the last time, and as it was the time prior to the last time, the party's here. They're back, bitches. Jerzday is upon us, as it will always be upon us, until seemingly the end of our days.

That's right: The official trailer for Jersey Shore Family Vacation: Part 2 just dropped—and with it, everything we've come to expect, including the gang's usual hijinks and their incessant justification for continuously reuniting, even after just months apart. This season, they'll be unwinding in Vegas, Pauly D and Ronnie's new hometown—and a great place, as the trailer suggests, for babies, weddings, and reconnecting with old enemies.

"We should do this more often," Jenni declares. "There's no reason," Vinny says, "we should wait years to get together."

But before setting off, the guidos and guidettes have to get their things in order. Mike "the Situation," for instance, goes cake-testing for his wedding, when he's supposed to be working out, according to the soon-to-be Mrs. Situation.

As Mike prepares to tie the knot reportedly on television, Pauly D apparently pretends to tie the knot, also on television, with the help of an Elvis impersonator.

Meanwhile, it looks like Vinny is taking some time away from inserting himself in Iranian politics to go boogie boarding. Look at him go!

A roulette wheel spins. Deena announces she's pregnant at lunch. Pauly holds Ronnie's months-old baby near a refrigerator.

Then Snooki reveals that everyone's favorite ex-cast member, Angelina—formerly known to a once incapacitated Mike as a "dirty little hamster"—is eager to join them in Sin City. (Hold the duck phone!) As you might recall, Angelina left early in the original series, and nobody had much sympathy for her, primarily due to her propensity for screaming nonsensical insults and slapping people. She returned, however, last season—mouth mainly shut and hands by her side—for a brief stint, because Pauly thought it would be very funny. Plus, without Sammi in the house fighting with Rahn about a guy she may or not have made out with when she was 20, there really wasn't much tension.

Angelina aside, at some point it appears that they also make a pitstop at the old pad on the Jersey Shore! (Have they returned to pool their money together and buy their old favorite clubs, Bamboo and Karma?)

And who's pulling their pants down at the dinner table?

On-camera hijinks aside, between, say, the upcoming yet constantly postponed criminal trial for Mike "the Situation" and Ronnie's public spats with his girlfriend (ex-girlfriend?), it'll be interesting to see how much of a vacation this season will turn out to be.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation: Part 2 on Thursday, August 23, at 8 PM on MTV. Until then, catch the trailer above.

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