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Six Flags Will Give You Free Stuff if You Lie in a Coffin for 30 Hours

What a deal!

by River Donaghey
Sep 24 2018, 7:52pm

Coffin image by Dave Einsel/Chicago Tribune/MCT via Getty Images. Roller coaster background via John Greim/LightRocket via Getty Images

Halloween is fast approaching, and with it comes a chance to punish and embarrass yourself publicly for a shot at some free stuff. Next month, in honor of its annual Fright Fest, Six Flags St. Louis has decided to give away two season passes and a whole host of other prizes to the lucky—or massively unlucky—people who are able to spend a whopping 30 hours trapped in a coffin, KRON reports.

It's basically that kiss-a-car contest but instead of winning a car, you get to ride some roller coasters, and instead of kissing, you get to lie motionless in a dark, wooden box for hours as your deepest fears and anxieties well inside you. What fun!

On the afternoon of Saturday, October 13, six brave contestants will snuggle up in "slightly used" coffins (whatever that means), according to the amusement park's contest announcement. Whoever manages to stay put in the claustrophobic, 2' by 7' box until the following Sunday night without going all Kill Bill, will be rewarded with two 2019 Gold Season Passes, VIP passes to this year's haunted house. They'll even get to take their coffin home afterward, too, in case 30 hours wasn't enough.

There's also a $300 cash prize for the lucky person who manages to go the distance in the coffin, but if more than one contestant survives the whole time, Six Flags says they will hold a "random drawing" to give away the money. Because it can't just go giving away $300 to just any person who spends an entire weekend lying in a coffin!

Luckily, contestants won't have to starve themselves or prepare some kind of DIY catheter situation for their time in the box, at least. According to the contest rules, there will be one six-minute bathroom break every hour, cellphone charging stations nearby, and snacks provided by the amusement park, which hopefully includes more than hot dogs and elephant ears or whatever. The park will also allow contestants each one visitor for moral support, but only while the park is open—after hours, the so-called coffin dwellers are on their own, aside from "random visits" from Six Flag's "Fright Night Freaks."

If you live in the St. Louis area, don't have a medical condition "that would make residing in a coffin for 30 hours a risk to your health or wellbeing," and love roller coasters so much that you're willing to give up an entire weekend to lie inside a pitch-black box, just submit an application on the Six Flags website before midnight on October 3. Only six contestants will be selected, so better make that application good—or you can just buy your own Six Flags season pass and not have to worry about being trapped inside a cramped wooden box while people called "Fright Night Freaks" harass you, but to each their own!

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