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VICE News Week In Review: Stories to Pocket For the Weekend

Here's a look back at what made headlines this week at VICE News.

by VICE News
Apr 11 2014, 3:25pm

Photo via Not a Bug Splat

Here's a look at what made headlines this week at VICE News:

The All-American Life and Death of Eric Harroun
He was labeled the "American Jihadi" for his actions in Syria, but Eric Harroun just wanted to fight for freedom—and his right to party.

Whatever Happened to Immigration Reform?
While a reform bill languishes in Congress, the continued deportation of undocumented immigrants has incited protests calling for a freeze.

WhatsApp and Social Media Could Determine India's Elections
With India's political parties turning to social media, WhatsApp might be the campaign tool of choice.

'American Jihadist' Eric Harroun Dies at 31
Harroun was found unresponsive and declared dead at the scene by paramedics, and an autopsy will be conducted over the next days.

The Unrest in Ukraine is Not Slowing Down Any Time Soon
Things in Ukraine have been heating up again — with parliament brawls, violent clashes, and official buildings seized by separatists.

Solitary Confinement Is Being Rebranded in US Prisons
The term “solitary confinement,” with its tainted connotation, is off-brand for an institution trying to gloss the image of juveniles.

North Korean Drones May Be Toys, But They're Not Silly
This season's back and forth between North and South Korea has been marked by something rather unusual — useful military activity.

Hewlett-Packard Admits to International Bribery and Money Laundering Schemes
HP will pay $108 million in fines and forfeitures for bribing officials in Russia, Poland, and Mexico with elaborate slush funds.

A 13-Year-Old Girl, a Slaughtered Family, and Life After the Rwandan Genocide
Twenty years ago, Alice Musabende's family were killed by their neighbors. Since then, she has had to figure out how to continue to live.

In Photos: Four Years of Greece's Great Depression
The series depicts the social impact of austerity in Greece and serves as a snapshot into a time dominated by headlines about "debt."

Giant Art Installation in Pakistan Tells US Drone Operators People Aren't 'Bug Splat'
A collective of international and Pakistani artists targets drone operators with a giant portrait of a girl staring at them from the ground.