'Destiny 2' Is Better with Friends

Despite having the option to play the story campaign and the rest of the game alone, I’d much rather do it with friends.

by Danika Harrod
Sep 15 2017, 2:17pm

Image courtesy of Danika Harrod

I've never been big on MMOs, multiplayer FPS, or games where anyone can come up and say something unpredictable to me in chat. There are a bunch of reasons for this: Anxieties about trolls and toxicity within communities, wanting to save video games for "me time," being TERRIBLE at shooters, etc. The reasons aren't important.

What is important is that Destiny 2 has changed me. I hopped on the bandwagon late, never having played the first game, but after seeing so many of my friends picking up a multiplayer game on PS4 I was 100% on board. I've played my fair share of Overwatch and continue to, and while I feel the same about it being better with friends, there's no story mode, no adventures, no patrols or AI-guided missions.

I finished out the end of the story in Destiny 2 with a friend. We ran across the map, burning and being forced into the shade. We got killed, revived each other, got killed some more, and then we defeated Dominus Ghaul, together. Some parts of the story are super tough—especially for someone like me who hasn't played many games like this—but beyond appreciating the help getting through rough spots, experiencing a story with others was so fun. Also… even while playing PvP, voice chat is rarely used, meaning you're not hearing some random person shout slurs at you or yell at you for getting downed.

I'm still raising my power level to prepare for the raid, but I've played 90% of this game with my friends. I wouldn't have it any other way. What about you? What's one game that you could very well play alone, but you prefer to have your friends on board?

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