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Fight for the Forest

VICE News witnesses the fight between eco-militant activists and French riot police deep in the tranquil Forest of Sivens.

by VICE News
Oct 2 2014, 7:30pm

Deep in the tranquil Forest of Sivens in the south of France, eco-militant activists and French riot police are fighting a violent battle in woodlands being cut down to make way for a dam, which will spell the end for 41 acres of trees.

The activists are armed with Molotov cocktails and gas canisters; the police are trying to protect workers as they clear the forest. The local council says that the dam will irrigate cornfields in the area, but the activists — and many locals — are against the destruction.

VICE News followed the fight for the forest alongside the group of activists that have previously been hostile to any media approaches.

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Photo by Jake Hanrahan

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Forest of Sivens