Meet a Trans Teen Using Letters From Classmates to Fight For His Bathroom Rights, Part 2

Forced to become an activist and advocate for trans rights in high school, Vinnie Holt learns about the power of friends, family, and self-love.
April 12, 2018, 5:14pm

"Youth, Interrupted" is a series on trans teens in the United States whose lives have been dramatically disrupted by anti-trans "bathroom bills" and other political battles. Watch more from the series here.

After confronting his school with letters from his friends, Vinnie continues to reckon with the reality that he has had to become an activist at such a young age. At the same time, Vinnie finds love and support swell around him, sending a promising message of hope that one day, things will get better.

Trans teens are like any other teenagers you'll meet. They're funny, awkward, emotional, beautiful, intelligent, and talented. Their future awaits as they come of age—but unlike their peers, trans teens like Vinnie are seen as collateral in a national debate around gender norms. In Part 2 of Vinnie's story, we see how these anti-trans policies, and the current uncertainty that surrounds them, is leaving students like Vinnie to fend for themselves as they try to receive an education.