James Ivory Won the Red Carpet with His Timothée Chalamet Shirt

How long until these are for sale?

by River Donaghey
Mar 5 2018, 1:07am

Photo by Angela Weiss/AFP/Getty Images

Last month, Timothée Chalamet geeked out to Frank Ocean all about his love for fashion in that epic V Man interview. Now, it looks like the guy's made his way into the fashion world himself—or his face has, at least. Next to the long trains and gorgeous gowns, Call Me by Your Name screenwriter James Ivory showed up to the Oscars Sunday night sporting a customized dress shirt featuring a picture of Chalamet himself.

It's unclear if Ivory bought the Chalamet shirt or if he was bored waiting for his turn on the red carpet and painted the thing himself in the limo last minute. We do know one thing for sure: Etsy is about to be full of knockoffs by Monday morning.

Ivory, 89, already won a BAFTA Award and a Critic's Choice Award for his Call Me by Your Name screenplay, but even if he doesn't end up taking home the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay, he's already won the red carpet in our book.

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