Cheddar Man Gets a Scientifically Accurate Makeover

Britain's oldest known man is about to steal your girl.
February 8, 2018, 2:25pm

Ever since he was discovered in 1903, Cheddar Man, Britain's oldest complete skeleton, has been both a hero and a mystery. After the discovery, scientists made what they thought to be an accurate recreation of his face—which kind of looked like George Harrison.

But now, thanks to DNA testing, researchers now have a much better idea of who Cheddar Man was. It turns out Britain's ancestor was not some Beatles-adjacent bloke—he had dark skin, curly hair, and bright blue eyes.

On Wednesday's Desus & Mero, the hosts learned more about the new and improved Cheddar Man—who, fun fact, wouldn't have been able to eat cheddar because he couldn't digest milk.

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