Someone Made a Virtual Fidget Spinner and It's Trippier Than the Real Thing

Definitely a distraction.

by Francesca Capossela
May 29 2017, 12:10pm

If you're not in the loop about this spring's most controversial gadget, the fidget spinner has been making quite a stir the past few months after the toy, which is claimed to aid concentration, was introduced into school classrooms. Since the its rise in popularity—fidget spinners have actually been around since the 90s—the internet has behaved as expected and now even fidget spinner porn is a thing (you'll have to go find it yourself).

Physical stimulation aside, Mike Bodge has created a calming virtual fidget spinner that changes colors as is spins. On you can set the speed and watch the grey shape rotate through the rainbow or, with a touchscreen or mouse, move the object yourself. Playing with the virtual toy not only relieves stress, it also serves as a reminder of how frequently our fidgety energy is soothed by our devices. The fad of the fidget spinner may last for a few more months, but our virtual fidgeting will live on.

Fidget away your anxieties here, and check out Mike Bodge's other work on his website.


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