All the Wild Schemes to Save 'The OA' Haven't Changed Netflix's Mind

We won't even get an 'OA' movie, sadly.
August 29, 2019, 4:11pm
The OA
Photo via IMDb

The OA may have been one of the smartest, strangest, and most deeply affecting shows Netflix has ever made, but apparently no amount of choreographed dancing will convince the streaming service to bring it back from cancellation. It looks like there will be no more psychic octopuses or answers to our overwhelming list of lingering questions, sadly, because as Variety reports, the streamer has released the actors from their contracts and has no intention of reviving the series—or even giving us an OA movie to wrap things up, Sense8 style.

Sources confirmed to Variety that OA co-creators Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij and Netflix had discussed the possibility of condensing the rest of the five-season arc that they originally planned for The OA into a movie, but a two-hour runtime reportedly "wouldn't have been sufficient."

And sure, that makes sense, given that it would probably take most of that time to explain the weird skin salesman alone, but still—any OA would be better than no OA, and right now, we would've taken what we can get. Also, seeing how Netflix made the show entirely in-house, there isn't the possibility of another network picking the series up like, say, Amazon, who hasn't been afraid of taking big, conceptual swings with creators.

The series may not have been the mainstream hit that Netflix likely needs as it steels itself for battle against Disney+, but The OA built up a fierce, rabid fanbase over the course of its two seasons. The "SaveTheOA" movement immediately launched a series of petitions, flash mobs, and at least one hunger strike, but nothing has changed Netflix's mind, apparently.

The OA conspiracy theories may have been a beautiful dream, but they were only dreams. The cancellation wasn't a huge, conceptual marketing stunt, everybody. It seems like Netflix would rather funnel its money to Weiss and Benioff to make whatever mediocre blockbuster tentpoles their hearts desire than take a chance on something as singular as The OA.

The OA is really, truly dead, and there's no Khatun around to save it. This one is a big loss.