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The Archbishop of Canterbury is Listening to Stormzy to Prep for the Royal Wedding

Of Stormzy's "Blinded By Your Grace," Justin Welby said: "There's a line in that—'I stay prayed up and get the job done'—I think that sort of sums it up."

by Lauren O'Neill
May 8 2018, 2:12pm

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The Most Rev Justin Welby, also known as the Archbishop of Canterbury, isn't like other Archbishops: he's a cool Archbishop! He made this abundantly clear in a new radio interview with, ahem, BBC Coventry and Warwickshire, wherein he dropped some #exclusive #info about what he's been listening to to get himself psyched up for performing Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's upcoming wedding ceremony. The answer: Stormzy.

Whether this is actually true or not is questionable (Stormzy, having attained National Treasure status, is basically now older people's touchstone of choice when invited to tap into UK youth culture), though Welby was able to quote some lyrics. Host Lorna Baker asked how he's preparing for Marriage's Biggest Night, and he responded by stating that while he was concerned about doing a good job ("I've made a couple of cack-handed mistakes over the last couple of weddings I’ve been involved in and I’m thinking this is probably not a good moment to make it a hat-trick," he said, because the head of an international church who is in frequent cahoots with the Queen of England is nothing if not #relatable, you guys), Stormzy's "Blinded By Your Grace" was helping him out. "There's a line in that—'I stay prayed up and get the job done'—I think that sort of sums it up," he said. Quite right.

And honestly, if nothing else, I will be cheered by the image of the Archbishop of Canterbury, in full religious garb, listening to "Blinded by Your Grace" on earbuds just before he officiates the Royal Wedding, one aide massaging his shoulders and another pouring water into his mouth, like boxing coaches, probably for the rest of my natural life.

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