John Romero Is Releasing a New Chapter of 'Doom'

The 'Doom' co-creator is back with a free 'spiritual successor' to the classic demon-slaying shooter.

Dec 10 2018, 2:51pm

Image: Wikipedia

It’s been more than 20 years since Doom revolutionized video games and horrified parents with its bloody, fast-paced demon slaying. The franchise in its current rebooted incarnation is still electrifying, but series co-creator John Romero apparently isn’t over the infamous original just yet.

Romero—largely known as the mastermind behind Doom’s hellacious level design—is releasing Sigil, a “spiritual successor” to the fourth and final episode of The Ultimate Doom, an updated version of the game released in 1995. According to a release on Romero Games’ website, Sigil will feature nine single-player Doom levels and nine multiplayer stages.

Sigil is a free mod for the original Doom game (meaning you’ll need a registered copy to play) and will be released in February of 2019. Even though the game won’t cost you a penny, Romero Games is also selling deluxe edition boxes that will contain a floppy disk-themed USB drive containing the game, a T-shirt, the soundtrack, and other goodies. This “beast box” will run you $166 USD. The deluxe boxes are on sale starting Monday.

A mockup of the special edition 'Sigil' box
Image: Romero Games

Releasing a free “megawad” ( Doom files came in a .wad format) that updates the aging game is in step with how dedicated fans have been keeping the game alive over the years, iterating on it and in some ways improving on the original. A 2015 Doom mod called Brutal Doom, for example, gave the game a refresh and added dying animations and “hit boxes” that allow you to dismember demons with a shotgun. Presumably, you’ll be able to play Sigil with other mods, like Brutal Doom.

All this is to say: more Doom is always a good thing.

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