Jadeveon Clowney Filled Trash Cans From Jaguars Fans With Toys for Homeless Kids

Jacksonville fans sent the cans to Houston's stadium after Clowney called Jags quarterback Blake Bortles "trash."
December 22, 2017, 10:10pm
Photo via Twitter/@clownejd 

When life hands you trashcans, make trashcan-ade. Or put toys in them. Or whatever.

On Sunday, Jaguars fans were bemused by Jadeveon Clowney calling their QB Blake Bortles "trash"—especially because Jacksonville had just trounced Clowney's Texans 45-7 with Bortles throwing 326 yards for three touchdowns. So they decided the best response was to buy a bunch of trash cans and have them sent to Houston's NRG Stadium, addressed to Clowney. Just to rub it in—in good fun.

Here's probably the choicest message of the bunch:

Well, Clowney handled things in exactly the correct way, and decided to take his influx of brand new trash cans and fill them up with toys to distribute among children in need:

Clowney directed his charity toward Mission of Yahweh, which describes itself as a "Houston faith-based shelter that empowers, enriches and restores the lives of homeless women and children and provides outreach services to low income families." Seems like our man Clowney has a good sense of humor and a good heart to match. Well played, but hopefully he doesn't call someone's QB a "dumpster fire" next. Because that's not a nice thing to put toys in.