Jean Segura Says He Was Robbed, Beaten by Police in the Dominican Republic

The Mariners shortstop was on his way to visit teammate Robinson Cano in their home country when police pulled him over and ransacked his car.

by Liam Daniel Pierce
Dec 21 2017, 10:44pm

Seattle Mariners shortstop Jean Segura was driving through the Domincan Republic when national police officers pulled him over and beat him at gun point, according to Segura's account on Instagram.

Segura claims that the Dirección Central Antinarcóticos de la Policía Nacional (which translates to the Anti-Narcotic National Police, or "DICAN") also stole his belongings and left his car a mess. Here's the original post:

"The Dicam [sic] stopped me at gunpoint, they hit me, they threw me to the ground, they stole my belongings, they struck my vehicle like we were criminals," Segura wrote.

According to Héctor Gómez, a sports reporter for of the DR's Z101 Digital, police told Segura his car matched the description of a suspicious car—a white Range Rover. Also according to Gómez, Segura was on the way to play ball with his buddy and teammate Robinson Cano when it happened.

They surprised me a lot," Segura told Gomez. "At no point did they ask for my ID."

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