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Watch Trump attempt to articulate his “National Security Strategy”

Trump talks.

by Alex Thompson
Dec 18 2017, 7:18pm

In yet another a departure from past presidents, Donald Trump will personally articulate his administration’s National Security Strategy (NSS) in a speech Monday afternoon.

Since 1986, Congress has required administrations to prepare the strategy annually, but presidents usually deliver it in text. Not Donald Trump, though.

As ever, the president is doing it his own way, taking the opportunity to personally present his view of the world and America’s role in it. And perhaps unsurprisingly, Trump's worldview is at direct odds with Barack Obama's.

While the Obama administration emphasized the security threat of climate change, Trump is not expected to mention the threat at all. And where Obama referred to China as a partner, his successor is expected to take a much more publicly belligerent stance toward the country and label it as “strategic competitor.”

Some on the left preemptively applauded the administration’s more aggressive stance toward China and argued that Obama and Bill Clinton should have been more aggressive with China on trade as way of slowing the decline of manufacturing in the United States. “This is a big deal and long overdue,” tweeted Matt Stoller, a fellow at the Open Markets Institute.

And Trump’s NSS also takes aim at the past policy of engaging with rivals and including them in the international economic system in the hopes of turning them into benign partners.

“For the most part, this premise turned out to be false,” the NSS states.