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Texas Walmart Meat Section Invaded by 'Dozens of Bats'

Not something we'd want to see while shopping for our chicken thighs and strip steak.

by Nick Rose
Jan 10 2018, 8:38pm

“Guano in aisle five,” is not something you ever want to hear during a retail experience. But shoppers at a Texas Walmart were confronted with this bizarre reality, as “dozens of bats” flew among the heavily discounted products in the meat and poultry section of one of the world’s largest retailer's stores.

The incident went down at an Alvin, Texas location and was captured on video by customers, who also noted the desperate attempts of Walmart to get the winged mammals out of the store. "They were kind of herding them toward the exits," one witness told local new outlet KPRC Houston. "They were flying low enough at that point where they were kind of flopping their jackets at them and chasing them out of the store."

And while the pandemonium of employees in “Save Money. Live Better.” vests corralling bats away from ground beef and pork chops sounds like an awful scene—and hardly appetizing—clients took it in stride and made sure to film it. "It definitely makes shopping for your produce interesting," one customer said.

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But there are, of course, legitimate food safety issues when bats are flying around in close proximity to food, and Walmart is addressing the issue with that in mind. "We are working with our health and safety team as well as the health department to safely remove the bats from our Alvin store and ensure the store’s cleanliness," Walmart told MUNCHIES in an e-mail.

Still, the videos above suggest that this isn’t the first time that bats have taken flight within a Walmart, as most Mega Centers are cavernous enough to accommodate large numbers of bats.

Let's just hope they didn't land on your future dinner.