VICE Exclusive: Watch Jedi Mind Tricks' Deranged New Video for 'Deathless Light'

The video is grotesque in the best way possible.

May 5 2015, 3:40pm

Philly hip-hop duo Jedi Mind Tricks have been at it since 1993. Instead of growing soft or becoming die-hard capitalist entrepreneurs with age, they've steadily continued to refine their craft and develop a lyrical obsession with violence and militarism. Their new album, The Thief and the Fallen, comes out on June 2, and we are premiering an exclusive video for a song called "Deathless Light." The song samples "Aphasia" by the Budos Band, and the video is grotesque in the best way possible—there are strange scenes featuring bugs, blood, and bathing that effectively blur the lines between erotic and fucked up.

Preorder the new record here.

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