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We All Cream to Scream Queens

In celebration of All Hallows' Eve, we asked ten of our favorite scream queens some spOoOoOky questions about what gets their hearts pounding in the bedroom.

by VICE Staff
Oct 28 2011, 12:00am

In celebration of All Hallows' Eve, we asked ten of our favorite scream queens some spOoOoOky questions about what gets their hearts pounding in the bedroom. As we suspected, horror vixens are into everything from necrophilia to getting fucked with a chainsaw.

Linnea Quigley is the queen of 80s scream queens. She's been in lots of stuff, but we remember her most for masturbating in a graveyard and dancing naked atop a tombstone in Return of the Living Dead.

VICE: What's the sexiest way to die?
Linnea: A bunch of zombies and raw corpses and evil demons eating me alive. Vampires are always sexy, but maybe they’ll make a sexy zombie or demon soon.

You were a sexy demon in Night of the Demons. You looked like a scary Barbie.
Oh, that’s right! Yeah, I kept in shape. I guess brains aren’t very fattening!  

Have you ever gotten off to horror films?
No, but I would get with the hitchhiker from Texas Chainsaw Massacre, played by Edwin Neal.

What if he tried to take your pretty face off?
Oh, we would have a special relationship. I would help him get girls and he wouldn’t deface me.

Which sex toy would make the best murder weapon?
A huge 16 inch dildo. Just whack them, then choke them. Shove it down their throat and hold their nose.

Debbie Rochon is a workaholic horror actress who has appeared in a litany of Troma films and was named "Scream Queen of the Decade" by Draculina magazine in 2003.

VICE: What is the sexiest way to die? 
Debbie: Death by fisting.

Which horror villain turns you on the most?  
The Blob, because he oozes all over you!

Is sex better dead or alive? 
Ask Keith Richards.

What is your preferred weapon of torture? 
My set of Justin Bieber nipple clamps.

What murder weapon would make for the best sex toy?  
Rosary beads, definitely. Because they hit all the right spots and the cross always gets stuck.

Monique Dupree is the original black scream queen. She's been in over 60 films, including Pot Zombies and Caged Lesbians A-Go-Go. She was twice featured as a Troma Entertainment Tromette.

VICE: Who’s the sexiest killer?
Monique: The sexiest one in a weird way is Freddy Krueger. I know his face is all burned. It’s just his play on words and that lanky way he stands. He’s not handsome but he’s sexy.

Is being covered in blood a turn on for you?
That’s a yes all the way. If I’m covered in blood and doing something gory, I want that role!

Predator or prey? Which would you rather be?
Always the killer. It helps me exorcise my demons.  

Where would you fit in on a human centipede?
Oh my God! Let’s just say the middle, because that question is very strange. I don’t think there’s any right way to answer that. 

Ashley C. Williams starred in that horror movie that everyone freaked the fuck out about for reasons we never quite understood.

VICE: What murder weapon makes for the best sex toy?
Ashley: A rope really isn't a murder weapon, is it? I guess it could be, if you were choking someone. I would say a rope is the best. Tying someone up is pretty sexy.

So you're into asphyxiation?
Choking? Yeah.

How would you prefer to be tortured?
I think it would be cool to be an experiment, like on a bed where they're doing brain tests. I would be tied and not be able to move my arms or my legs.

Do you think blood is sexy?
I think that it can be if it's done in the right way. Like if it's dripping somewhere while someone's having sex. 

What's the sexiest orifice to bleed from?
I don't think there is one. It's only sexy if you don't know where it's coming from. 

Which parts of The Human Centipede are hardest for you to watch?
When Aki, the Japanese guy, is shitting in my mouth. That's just something that you don't want to watch.

Do you ever get approached by horror pervs?
There are people who write to me and say how much it turned them on to see my breasts hanging there while shit was going into my mouth. I'm like, "Wow, that turns you on? That's disgusting!"

When Felissa Rose   was 13 years old she starred as the slasher in the 80s cult-classic Sleepaway Camp, which surprised everyone with its penile finale.   

VICE: The first time you saw your performance in Sleepaway Camp, you were on a field trip with your eighth grade class. What'd your classmates think when it was revealed that your character had a cock?
Felissa: That was the first time the girls and I saw an actual penis. Sadly, it wasn't the largest genitalia around. I was holding a severed head and completely bathed with blood. No one messed with me after the movie.

Is it sexy to be covered in blood?
Oh, definitely. I'm known on set for saying douse me in blood, the more the better. I love it. It's all about the gore. You might as well be happy with the amount of blood you're drenched in.

What is the sexist orifice to bleed from?
The mouth. Then you can spit it anywhere.

Who's the sexiest horror villain?
Jason, because he's so big. I'm definitely a woman who goes for that overbearing, massive kind of man. I like that. I think that's really, really sexy.

Would you prefer to be the damsel in distress or the pursuant killer?
I'm definitely the killer. It gives me an adrenaline rush to chase the prey and hunt the victim. I can't stand the damsel in distress. That's too needy. I'm not that kind of chick. I'm the power woman, I want to kick ass.

In Sleepaway Camp your character kills the slutty girl with a curling iron in the cooch. In your opinion, what murder weapon makes the best sex toy?
The curling iron is a good one. Maybe some kind of rope or lasso. Or maybe a BB gun that hurts in a good way.

Rachael Robbins is Playboy staple and even has her own limited edition trading card. Bunny ears are cool, but we like the B horror movie mistress better covered in blood.

VICE: So you were in a horror movie with Ron Jeremy? 
Rachael: Yeah, he was awesome. He played a guy who was being held hostage in a cage in a basement. He had no fingers, no toes, no tongue, no eyes, and no nose.

Were you thrown into death scenes early on in your career?
I actually didn’t die until way later, but my favorite death scene is from In Search of Lovecraft. I got sucked into the abyss by a giant tentacle.

A giant testicle?!
No, tentacle! 

What is the sexiest way to die? 
Being sucked to death by a vampire!

Until you’re shriveled?
Well, sensation-wise it would probably be very hot. 

Is there a certain villain that really turns you on?
What kind of magazine is this? I would have to say one of the fireflies from House of 1000 Corpses or The Devil’s Rejects, because they’re so primal.

Michelle Bauer is one of the original scream queens who started out doing bondage modeling and pornography. She starred in Café Flesh, which is apparently a “classic porno”  before moving on to campy horror like Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers and Lust for Frankenstein.

VICE: What is the sexiest way to die?
While making love with a hunk! We would make love and then someone would come up behind me and hack me with an axe.

Who’s best in bed: vampire, zombie, werewolf?
Are those my only options? The invisible man!

We might have to agree with you there. Do you bring the violence from your movies into the bedroom?
No, my husband won’t let me. I asked him if I could blindfold and handcuff him, but he refused. I guess he doesn’t trust me.

Maybe you should ask him to do that to you, then?
That’s so funny. I never asked! I guess I have a fun weekend ahead of me. 

Veronica Ricci is the Penthous Pet who starred in Blood Mary 3D as a slasher seeking revenge for being stabbed in bed by her husband while carrying his child. 

VICE: Which villain turns you on?
Veronica: The American Psycho, he’s scary but I bet he’s great in bed. Or Bruce Campbell, any day. 

Has a horror movie ever made you cum?
Army of Darkness was on while I was jerking off once. It was good, if that's what you’re asking. Bruce Campbell is a stud muffin.

Why do sex and death go hand in hand?
Thinking of death reminds us to enjoy life as much as possible. And sex is the most natural way to feel alive and connected. But you better not have sex if you're in a horror film, or you'll die next!

Which murder weapon would make the best sex toy?
Knives and guns are classic makeshift dildos and, lest we forget, bondage ropes are strong enough to strangle a captive.

Which sex toy would make the best murder weapon?
I have a pointy metal decorative butt plug that, if lunged at someone hard and fast enough, could definitely leave a gnarly bruise.  

Shannon Lark showed us how effective a self-administered hysterectomy is at curing a fang riddled pussy—formally diagnosed as "vagina dentata"— in the bizarre short Lipstick. Not only is Shannon a horror starlet, but she also writes, directs, and produces many of the films she performs in. 

VICE: What's the sexiest way to die?
Shannon: While having intercourse with a corpse. I’ve been getting into necrophilia a whole lot lately. I think it’s just one of the most disgusting sexual experiences you could have. 

What murder weapon would be a perfect sex toy? 
The chainsaw is number one. It’s an obvious choice because it is so huge, it has a motor, it’s incredibly lethal, and you can kill things at a very far distance. I used to dance with a chainsaw. 

What movie monster is the best in bed? 
Werewolves. Once they transform they would rip you to shreds, and that’s pretty hot.

What's the best way to be tortured?
Getting strung up and having every single one of my orifices destroyed. Nose, ears, mouth—even eyes. Anything that could represent a hole. I think that would be pretty awful.

Does being covered in blood turn you on?
It depends on the context. In public I would say yes. Privately, I might be a little disturbed about it.

Out of all the ways you've died in movies, which is your favorite?
I really enjoyed being raped with a curling iron.  

Tiffany Shepis has become one of the most prolific scream queens ever, thanks to her numerous Troma film appearances and working with cult directors like the Butcher Brothers on The Violent Kind

VICE: What horror villain makes you horny?
Tiffany: Pinhead. With him, you could have free acupuncture anytime you want. And, the Cenobites do it with a box for all eternity. That’s fabulous.

Is sex better dead or alive? 
A little necromancy never hurt anyone. Dead people don’t talk back, they don’t say no, and I don’t think AIDS survives in blood when you’re dead—so no need to be safe. Wins all around! 

Would you say slasher films are hardcore porn for agoraphobic nerds?
No, they’re wack-off material for my awesome, lively, charming, handsome fans.

You recently married horror director Sean Tretta. Do you bring the horror into the sack?
Our married life is pretty vanilla. On a typical Saturday night we drink wine, light candles, kill a virgin, rub the blood all over each other, dance around in the skin of said dead virgin, have Cirque du Soleil-style aerial sex, brand each other, bury the body in our neighbor’s yard, and cuddle. Nothing excessive.

What's the sexiest orifice to bleed out of?
The mouth! Wearing blood is like wearing a tux; it just makes everybody look hotter. Think of the added lubrication it provides.

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