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Listen to Personal Best's Debut EP and Remember What Was Good About the 90s

A punk homage to 90s indie rock.

by Noisey Staff
Feb 10 2014, 3:50pm

If you’re unfamiliar with Lou Hanman, you need to change that right now. Lou (that's her all the way on the right there) is in three bands you should know about: Caves and Worriers, both of which put out killer punk records last year that you should drop what you’re doing and buy right this second. (Sell blood if you need money.) And the third band is Personal Best.

Personal Best sound like an homage to 90s indie rock, with their fuzz-fueled power pop melodies and echoing vocals. With members of Bedford Falls and Attack! Vipers!, the Bristol band has an EP out next month from Specialist Subject Records which you should pre-order if you’ve got any cash left over from selling that blood. Sell more if you need to. Uh, but you should probably stop if you cut yourself shaving and nothing comes out.

You can listen to Personal Best's The Lovin' EP below. Now if you'll excuse us, we feel woozy...

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