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Jeezy's Video for "Holy Ghost" Makes Us Want to Bench Press Planet Earth

Watch the first video from the Atlanta rapper's new LP, 'Seen It All.'

by Noisey Staff
Sep 15 2014, 8:03pm

We love Jeezy's new album Seen It All. It gets us so amped. Not even kidding, every single morning since its release, I've listened to this record on they way to the office, which has led to me karate chopping every piece of wood along my walk—you should see it out there, this trail of destruction because those motherfucking benches looked at me wrong. So on that note, we're excited to premiere the new video for Jeezy's "Holy Ghost." Unfortunately, this video doesn't feature Kendrick Lamar, but oh well becasue every moment of the clip screams power as he cruises around the city in the back seat of a dark vehicle, the mood of it all helping cement Jeezy's position at the top of the list of unfuckwitable rappers. Let's go bench press the earth.