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Watch a Hot Dog Beat the Shit Out of Some Bullies in the New Video for "So Gay" from Concord America

Read that headline again.

by Eric Sundermann
May 22 2014, 3:59pm

Have you ever pissed off a hot dog? Yeah, well, fucking don't, because it turns out hot dogs are pretty good at beating the shit out of you if you piss them off. In the new video for Concord America's "So Gay," we witness a dude dressed up in a hot dog costume getting mocked until he snaps. It's honestly kind of scary, but in a way that is pretty inspiring. Like, I want to go beat up every single chump who bullied me in my life. Who knew hot dogs could be so inspiring? It's probably because they're so American, and America fucking rules.

The song comes from Concord America's upcoming EP Suns Out Guns Out, which drops May 27 via Post-Echo.

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