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PREMIERE: Get Back in Bed and Drift Off to Sui Zhen’s New Record ‘Secretly Susan’

Get synthy and spacey off the Melbourne songwriter's long-awaited new LP.

by Derek Scancarelli
Aug 24 2015, 6:24pm

The subtle, eclectic sounds of Becky Sui Zhen’s new LP, Secretly Susan, evoke a conglomerate of emotions. The moody transience of tone brought forward by the Melbourne-based electronic-pop artist ooze with the influential nature of her experiences around the world. An intertwining of synthy instrumentation, pleasantly picked guitar and uniquely percussive foundations, the listening experience mirrors the duality of Zhen’s personas, both as Sui Zhen and her alter ego as DJ Susan.

If you’re at work, take a sick day. It’s time to go home. Get in bed with a fluffy comforter and crank your air conditioning until it becomes excessive. You may need more blankets. Treat yourself to some delicious strawberry frosted donuts or rainbow-coated popcorn to complement this experience (highly recommended, but not required). Then, turn up the volume on your headphones and swoon into the clouds with this gently emotive yet whimsical record. While listening, pretend to maintain some semblance of consciousness for as long as you can before being completely and comfortably lost in the music.

Secretly Susan will be released on Dot Dash / Remote Control on Friday. You can pre-order it here.