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Oyster Kids' Video for "Creepy" Is Extremely Creepy

Two mummies in suits take a couple of teens with rigor mortis grins to prom. Oh yeah, and those mummies? They have those teens on leashes.

by Kim Taylor Bennett
Oct 20 2015, 2:06pm

Two weeks ago Oyster Kids popped up a song called "Creepy." Since then it's had over 80k plays on Soundcloud. Inexplicably good going for a couple of LA-based kids who seemed to emerge from nowhere. But hey! That's the magic of the internet. Then again it's easy to hear the appeal in this tune—it's a slinky kind of indie-pop, the boy's vocal backed subtley by the girl's so that they sound like one entity. The nameless pair had this to say about the song.

"'Creepy' is about those days when you feel like your just going through the motions," they explained. "Hiding our emotions and putting on this facade just to get through the day. 'Creepy' is about the person under the mask. When nobodies looking, are you creepy?”

Well are you? Everyone's a little bit creepy and we've been creeping on the twosome and have uncovered exactly nothing about them. Below we're premiering the video for "Creepy" which is very Eerie, Indiana-meets-Carrie-meets-The Virgin Suicides, but are those two rigor mortis grinning prom dates the people who make up Oyster Kids? Who knows. Whatever the case we're very into this video, which involves teens on leashes going to a dance while mummies in suits lurk in the background. And by the way—they're the ones in control: they're holding the leashes.

Will their frozen happy faces ever fall?

Will anyone ever smile like they mean it?

Will they cut some rug?

Will the mummies do anything more than lurk?

Watch below to find out.

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