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Gallant's Television Debut of 'Weight In Gold" Is a Thing of Beauty

Our Noisey Next alum came well-prepared to 'The Tonight Show.'

by John Hill
May 13 2016, 1:03pm

Things have been looking so incredibly bright for R&B singer Gallant. Our Noisey Next alum has been making legitimate waves both with his recorded music, and his insatiable performances at places like Coachella. Since it really is his time, he brought his level of live-excellence to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. His set on the show was kind of amazing, beginning the song with him in the dark sitting down on a couch in a fake living room setting. As the song picks up, he shoots up for the chorus, lights blaring behind him and the band revealing themselves. He jumps across the stage in excitement, nailing ridiculous falsettos at every turn. Nothing feels hackneyed or dialed in, he injects an insane amount of energy and power into every note of his voice into something legitimately incredible.

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