PREMIERE: Y.E. Ali Is the Life of the Party in "Tingz"

The Indiana rapper lights up the club in his new video.

Jul 14 2015, 2:05pm

Growing up in Indiana you either escape to greener pastures or stay here forever. Indy rapper Y.E. Ali made it out following the success of his buzz-making project Art x Drugs last year, packing up and moving to Los Angeles to further hone his craft and leaving the harsh Midwest winters behind in the process. Ali is a skilled writer with an ear for beats that seamlessly flit between trap, R&B and hazy new-wave. This summer, he’s set to debut his second full-length LP, Trap House Jodeci, featuring the R. Savage produced single “Tingz.”

You’re in the heart of downtown Los Angeles at some club you don’t know the name of and don’t care to find out. By this point, you’re the perfect mix of drunk and high, not minding where the night takes you. You look over at your squad, give them the sign it’s time to bounce and catch an UberXL over to Roscoe’s to pick up the Carol B. special. As you take one last drag from your dying cigarette, your driver pulls up, and you all pile into back, demanding the aux cord. This is the song you play. Trap House Jodeci is scheduled to drop July 30th. Stream "Tingz" below.