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Here Is an Amazing "Punk" "Song" Tim and Eric "Made" "About" Totino's Pizza Rolls

"I put some roollllls in my mouth..."
November 6, 2014, 7:39pm

Tim and Eric have been known to throw down some catchy, dope, funky fresh beats as the Beaver Boys, Kid Break, and Casey and His Brother. They’ve sung about everything from bloody nipples to wearing your dad’s dirty socks to… um, well, we’ll just call this “other.” But a punk song?? About Totino’s Pizza Rolls??? [record screeches_] Say _whaaaaaaat?

Following the lead of companies like Old Spice and General Electric, it looks like Totino’s Pizza Rolls has also adopted the tried-and-true business model: hire those two weirdos from the adult cartoon channel to make some absurdist commercial about your product that your higher ups don’t really “get” but that consumers in the coveted 18 to 35 demographic seem to eat up for some reason. Works every time. Watch the video above where they make a punk “song” that is vaguely, loosely, kind of about Totino’s Pizza Rolls? Sure, it lacks the star power of a Jeff Goldblum or a Terry Crews, or even Spagett for that matter. But what it lacks in celebrities, it makes up for in the seemingly unending supply of randos they appear to have found at the bus stop.

If anyone from Totino’s is watching, we here at Noisey love your product and would be willing to make your next weirdo commercial with your hard-earned advertising budget. How about something where like… a dog has giraffe legs? Or like, a miniature janitor… lifts weights? Or something? OK, if we’re being real with ourselves, we’re not going to produce something as batshit insane as Tim, Eric, and their loyal army of weirdos. But like, we’ll still take some pizza rolls if you wanna mail ‘em over. Hit us up!

(And yes, we’re aware Eric was in Ink & Dagger so don’t bother pointing it out, ya drangus.)