Hear a Song from Fences's New EP, 'To the Tall Trembling Trees'

Chris Mansfield had a kid, left the major label world, and dropped some vices.
July 21, 2016, 1:00pm

Photo: Jenna Putnam

Don't let the fact that he looks like an extra from Sons Of Anarchy fool you because Chris Mansfield is a pretty sensitive dude. If you're not familiar with his band Fences here's a quick primer: They've toured with everyone from Against Me! to Hellogoodbye, had a hit song featuring Macklemore and Ryan Lewis called "Arrows" in 2014 and, finally, Mansfield doesn't follow anyone on Twitter, so he's infinitely more productive and prolific than you are. Sorry.

In that spirit, Mansfield is about the drop the six-song EP To the Tall Trembling Trees, which was recorded at his Brooklyn apartment in just three days, less time than it took most of us to watch O.J.: Made In America. This collection is also a rebirth for Mansfield in the sense that since his surreal foray with mainstream success, he had a child, left the major label world, and finally shook free of the destructive vices that almost destroyed him. The result is this inspired collection of songs, most notably "Buffalo Feet" which you can stream right now.

The single's art may feature a shot of Mansfield's back piece which features an enormous Buffalo but the song sounds like a more minimalist Death Cab for Cutie and even forays into adult contemporary material at times... but the good stuff like Bruce Hornsby. Seriously, if you don't get misty eyed when you're listening to "Mandolin Rain" then you need to get away from your computer and try living life for once so you get some real perspective on your otherwise empty existence. Don't expect Fences to do all the heavy lifting for you.

Anyway, enjoy the song.

Order To the Tall Trembling Trees right here.