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Imagen If I Did 'Molly' and then Imagened an Epsode of Seinfeld Where They Do 'Molly'

Look Im not gona bog you down with all the sceintifics and the numbers, but basicly? 'Molly' is like Extesy but modarn, becase theres no rat poisen in it like they used to put in it in the 1990s.

by @Seinfeld2000
Jun 25 2013, 3:00pm

Hey wats up!!! @Seinfeld2000 here.

Straght up? My twetes have defenitely captured the heart's of milions of poeple by takeing 'Sienfeld', a cult clasic sitcom from the 1990's that was canceled by NBC due to poor rating, and envisiening it in the curent day. You know, like how would Jary, Goerge, Elane, and Krundlers intaract with the iPod Nano, Tumblr, and Bary Husane Obame, the first presedent in U.S.A. history to be elected becuase his facebook page got the most likes.

So far i have generated almost one milien Twiter folowers doing this. Its been going prety swete. But every true aritst reaches a creative crosroads. And often, when I am siting on the toilete, I just wondar aloud: am I delving deeply enuogh into what Sindfeld would be like if its still on the TV set today? Are there sides of this questien that i am not exploring to the extent that my beleibars deserve? I feel like I still have so much work to do if I am to realy "plum the depth" in a singuler-minded hunt for the pure, unvarnish truth of what Jary, Goerge, Elane, and Krundlers would be up to today.

My point... and I do have one, is that I have been looking some thing to expand my mind in the servise of painting a richer, more vivid portrate of what 'Sinefeld' would be like today. Of course Im talking about ilegal recreatienel drug's. But which one should i do? Coke is sort of grimy and passé. Weed smell to much, and honestly, its also sort of low rent and junior high.

OK, so now cut to this weekend. K, so I was reading the New York Times (which is a prety informetive newspaper thats based in New york obvously – anyway their always giving their readers the lo down about the hotest trend's and coolest event, but also just serious news as well) and they did an article on 'Molly'. Acording to New York Times, 'Molly' is like this prety awesome drug that black rapers like Kanye West and Miley Cyres like to sing about in their beats, but also caucasien poeple like Kaitlin, a 22-year-old senier at Columbia University, and women who are like 50 who have been writen about in Town Talk Magazine, take at dance party's in Wiliamsburg. New York Times say 'Molly' is grate because it get you fucked up but still feel crisp.

Look Im not gona bog you down with all the sceintifics and the numbers, but basicly? 'Molly' is like Extesy but modarn, becase theres no rat poisen in it like they used to put in it in the 1990s. So then i just got to thinking, k, what if I do a 'Molly' and then imagened an epasode of 'Sienfeld' where Jary, Gerge, Elain and Klugbert do 'Molly'? It would be like inception! Because when something is inside something else, thats inception. For example, egg yolk is inception for egg.

So even thuough I never took 'Molly' before, it wasnt hard for me to get my hand's on a 'Molly'. Now I am going to swalow it and start imagening the epsode of Sienfeld I aluded to in the last paregraph. Here go's!

K, whats up, I just took the 'Molly.' Here we go.

"The Molly" by @Seinfeld2000

So I guess the epsode start with Jary and Gerge siting on Jarys couch. Their both reading New York Times iPad app together but theres only one iPad becuase typicle Gerge, hes too cheap to purchese his own iPad so he just look on as Jary read...

Sudenly Kranmar BERST into Jarys apertment. When he take of his Daft Pank helmet, hes wearing full black face but its never acknowledge

KRANMAR: Jary, my new girl frend Kaitlyn, 22, a senior at Columbia University, is killing me Jary, killing me!
JARY: Why is this
KRANMAR: Shes hooked on this 'Molly' stuff, all she want to do is listen to Miley Cyres, and Skrixel (dubstep musicien), do 'Molly' and have sex intercorse!

Gerge sudenly have full erectien

GERGE: That sound great! Every man want this! Im jelly of youre life style
KRANMAR: Yeah it was great the first couple time but i cant keep up with her, Jary!
JARY: Wait a secend, this is wild! I was just reading about the 'Molly' pill on the New York Times iPad app
GERGE: I was reading it too, its my iPad to
GERGE: Yes the iPad is mine to
JARY: No I paid for it
GERGE: Yeah but at Best Buy when you bought the iPad i told you i will pay you half of the price of the iPad later
JARY: Yeah but you never did plus I told you at the time I thought that was a wierd idea, iPad is very persenel, it containe all my email, my online banking, and book mark to my fave porn sites--

Sudenly Kranmar jump on the couch betwene them

KRANMAR: Brake it up boys! As I was saying, my girlfrend Kaitlyn, shes a total 'Molly' junky, and Im 63 now becuase its 2013! We need to get rid of her 'Molly' pills while shes still in my filthy bed sleping! (I havent changed my sheets in over 20 year's hehe)
JARY: Well, from this New York Time's article, aparently 'Molly' is just a clean, fun high thats very of the moment rite now, and also its a drug that upper midle class white ppl can defenitely enjoy! Who know's, maybe if I 'drop' a 'Molly' it will put some pep in the step of my failed comedy carere!
GERGE: I too am intarested in this 'Molly', i heard once that some times if the 'Molly' is realy good, it make the lines of gender and sexuel orientatien to just vanish and ppl can just be free to caresse each other bodys or whatever!

Gerge say all this last part while his staring into Jarys seemingly botomless chestnut color eyes. There is a five second pause where Gerge and Jary are just exploring the vastness of each others eyes, geting lost in the posibilitys

KRANMAR: I'll be rite back! I'm just going to go back into my apertment to fetch the 'Molly' pills!
JARY: Kranmar stop trying to make 'fetch' happen

Sudenly Krandar leave and then hes just return into Jarys apertment, hes holding a bag of pills. Everyone take one pill. Gerge feel it first.

GERGE: Sudenly Gerge in the mood to listen to Skrixel baby!!!

Gerge walk over to Jarys Harmon Kardan Stereo System with 70-watt, 5-channel amplifier, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio™ decoding, Headphone jack with HARMAN headphone surround mode, upgradable firmware via USB port and detachable IEC power cord, and he plug in his iPod shufle and turn up the Skrilex.

Meanwhile, Jary is start to feel the efect of 'Molly' now. Sudenly he launch into an observatienel comedy free style about 'Molly.'

JARY: 'Molly' makes you feel unplanned, and thats not common feeling in New York where every one know where their going all the time and their going very very fast.

Krame and Gerge are listening to this bit and their rolling on the ground bc there laughing so hard!!

OK, wait a secend, this is @Seinfeld2000 speaking now. K the 'Molly' just kicked in for me in the midle of when I was just writing that last part. OMG, this feel so great. My body feel so warm and my heart beat so fast now. K, wow. My first instinct is to masterbate, brb

K i'm back now. That was amazeing. I think Im just gona go to sleep now.

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