Listen to a New Song from Night School (Featuring Ex-Members of Whirr)

Northern California dreamy shoegaze with the teeth-punch of garage rock.

Aug 28 2014, 5:55pm

Did you ever have to take night classes? It was rough. First, you had to kill the three hours in between whatever your seventh period class was and then your night class. Then, you had to actually be around the fucking mouthbreathers in the class. They had no aspirations and were only in the class because their parents forced them, and it was fucking rough. Night classes are fucking unbearable—totally not like Night School, the band.

Night School is a popgaze band outta Northern California that blends dreamy shoegaze elements with the teeth-punch of garage rock. The band is helmed by Lexy Morte, formerly of Whirr. So yeah, if you thought there were a few similarities, that’d probably be why. That doesn’t mean Night School is trying to do what Whirr does, however. It’s a whole new beast, with sort of a 60s girl group influence. Imagine Best Coast meet the Crystals. Or you know, just listen to their song "Birthday" below and you won't have to imagine.

"Birthday" is off of Night School's forthcoming EP out on October 7 from Graveface and you can order it via their Kickstarter.